About AutoCheck Vehicle History

Data backed by Experian.

Data backed by Experian, the global market leader in information services trust AutoCheck® vehicle history reports to give you the solid, reliable information you need to sell more vehicles, make better choices and lower your risk. We have an impressive data story to tell, and it begins with our vast National Vehicle Database (NVDB) providing vehicle information from the U.S. (all 50 states) and Canada

Our primary data sources are: 
• Public record data sources 
• Private data sources

AutoCheck data elements include the vehicle identification number (VIN) that is used to link the record to the correct vehicle in our database, an event date, an event location, an event description, an odometer reading and any other relevant data points that might be available.

Other possible data points include: 
• Salvage or junk vehicles 
• Damage from hail, flood or fire 
• Mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback 
• Lemon vehicles 
• Vehicles used as rentals, taxis or fleet 
• Records of theft and loans/liens that represent ownership interests or unpaid judgments 
• AutoCheck reports on accident damage when that information is provided 
• AutoCheck does not provide the names of, or information pertaining to, a vehicle's previous owner(s)

Speed of data: Did you know?


Experian® gets reported accident data in days and weeks, rather than months after an accident occurred, to ensure the greatest amount of accuracy.

Experian is the data expert

With expert business rules that set the industry standard, we are able to maintain an exceptional level of accuracy that provides our customers the greatest success.

Public record data sources:
Our core data sources are state and provincial departments of motor vehicles (DMV).
• State DMVs provide the title and registration records that power many Experian Automotive products, including AutoCheck

Other data sources specific to AutoCheck include: 
• State police departments 
• Departments of public safety 
• Other state agencies managing statewide databases of vehicles involved in accidents 
• State agencies maintaining databases on emissions testing and manufacturer buyback/lemon programs 
• Federal sources providing data, such as import records


Backed by Experian, the global market leader in information services, AutoCheck vehicle history reports contain exceptional data reliability and are managed with expert business rules.
Exclusive private data sources 
With an estimated 18 million vehicles involved in accidents each year, our unique sources augment publicly-reported accident records and also provide salvage, auction, repair, fleet, and export records to provide an in-depth view of the vehicle's history.

• Two of our largest private sources of accident data are exclusive to Experian Automotive. These sources provide enhanced accident information that allows our users to see additional reported accidents and accident details, even in states where state agencies do not collect or choose to share the information. 

• In many cases, AutoCheck reports are able to distinguish both severe and minor accidents. The word "minor" or "severe" will be inserted into the description when the vehicles are determined to have sustained either a minor or a severe accident or damage event.

• Our exclusive partnership with two of the largest U.S. auction houses enables Experian Automotive to integrate important auction announcements into our AutoCheck vehicle history reports. 

• Auction announcements include information such as frame damage, major repairs, and missing or defective airbags, and are based on physical inspections of the vehicles conducted at the auctions.